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CHAPTER 1: Stock Investment Strategies: Different Methods, Similar Goals

CHAPTER 2: The Unreliable Experts: Getting In The Way Of Outstanding Performance

CHAPTER3: The Persistence Of Irrationality: How Common Mistakes Create Tremendous Opportunity

CHAPTER4: Rules Of The Game

CHAPTER5: Ranking Stocks By Market Capitalization: Size Matters

CHAPTER 6: Price-To-Earnings Ratios: Separating The Winners And Losers

CHAPTER 7: EBITDA-To-Enterprise Value

CHAPTER 8: Price-To-Cash Flow Ratios: Using Cash To Determine Value

CHAPTER 9: Price-To-Sales Ratios

CHAPTER 10: Price-To-Book Value Ratios: A Long-Term Winner With Long Periods Of Underperformance

CHAPTER 11: Dividend Yields: Buying An Income

CHAPTER 12: Buyback Yield

CHAPTER 13: Shareholder Yield

CHAPTER 14: Accounting Ratios

CHAPTER 15: Combining Value Factors Into A Single Composite Factor

CHAPTER 16: The Value Of Value Factors

CHAPTER 17: One-Year Earnings Per Share Percentage Changes: Do High Earnings Gains Mean High Performance?

CHAPTER 18: Profit Margins: Do Investors Profit From Corporate Profits?

CHAPTER 19: Return On Equity

CHAPTER 20: Relative Price Strength: Winners Continue To Win

CHAPTER 21: Using Multifactor Models To Improve Performance

CHAPTER 22: Dissecting The Market Leaders Universe: The Ratios That Add The Most Value

CHAPTER 23: Dissecting The Small Stocks Universe: The Ratios That Add The Most Value

CHAPTER 24: Sector Analysis

CHAPTER 25: Searching For The Ideal Growth Strategy

CHAPTER 26: Searching For The Ideal Value Stock Investment Strategy

CHAPTER 27: Uniting The Best From Growth And Value

CHAPTER 28: Ranking The Strategies

CHAPTER 29: Getting The Most Out Of Your Equity Investments